21 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Royal

Some actors and actresses have had such monumental and iconic careers that they are considered royalty in their own right. But, while they may appear to us commoners to be kings and queens, a shocking number of our favorite celebrities have direct bloodline links to monarchies. Here’s a list of celebrities who can claim royal ancestry and are also hugely popular (some people really have it all, huh). And we’re talking about those European and Hollywood A-listers who are linked to the royal family. Celebrities exude a larger-than-life aura in any case, and with the royalty element, it seems that fame is in their blood!


1. Hugh Grant


Hugh Grant, one of the most iconic British stars, is more than just his floppy hair and stumbling intonation. This 53-year-old London native is a descendant of Henry VII, the first monarch of the Tudor House and Henry VIII’s father.

We’re not finished yet; he also considers James IV, King of Scotland from 1488 to 1513, to be a member of his family. He was the last monarch of the United Kingdom to be killed in combat.

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