11 Things You Must Not Miss in The Cook Islands

If you are in Los Angeles, for instance, it means you are a nine-hour flight away from the enchanting Cook Islands where amazing humans, beautiful beaches, and delightful cuisine await you. Should you decide to go see things for yourself, ensure to really make it count just like we did for the two weeks we spent taking in Raratonga and Aitutaki, two of the charming fifteen islands there.

We made a list of some absolute must-dos for you.

1.Get your feet wet on the sandy beaches of Raratonga with its alluring rocks


One look at a map of Rarotonga and you will see it: The captivating deep blue ocean waters edged by a lighter shade of blue waters just off the shoreline.  The lighter blue shade is about a 100 meters worth of lagoon within a reef. This means that you don’t have to worry about sharks or violent waves because the waters are tranquil and do not run deep. They are a kayaker’s delight! We know because we kayaked and it was smooth sailing all the way even during a sudden squall of rain. Just try not to hit the coral with the oars as they glide clean over.

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