11 Celebrities Who Inspire Body Positivity

Because social media has around 3.6 billion users around the globe, it is a large part of our culture. Nevertheless, it can make you feel bad about yourself and judge yourself. When you scroll through your feed, you can see many Photoshopped photos. These set unrealistic body standards. Social media should motivate users to empower and celebrate different bodies rather than judge them.

Good thing there are many celebrities who encourage body positivity. They provide reassurance that we are all fine no matter what body type we have.


1. Selena Gomez 


Selena Gomez was wearing an orange bikini on a yacht when she appeared in public for the first time after her kidney transplant. Even though she looks stunning, some fans could not help but comment on her seemingly weight gain. She gave an inspiring response and explained how being obsessed with the idea of perfection leads to hating oneself.

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